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6 cute summer harness ideas for your small dog

When the weather warms, you want to help your small dog stay cool, while being safely held in their harness. For summer, I choose fabrics that are lighter in weight and feature brighter and lighter colors. And instead of using a double layer of fabric for the main body of the harness like in the cooler weather versions, there's just one layer of fabric making it breath easier. I recently finished a batch of these custom summer harness — with matching bow ties! — for a lucky little Morkie named Maks, who models one below. "I really like the blue check fabric with the red plaid. It's cuter than cute! I love the way you trimmed the neck with's a...

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Celebrate National Pet Month

May is extra special for our furry friends as we celebrate all things pets! There are lots of things you can do as a pet parent to participate: share what you love most about pet ownership with your friends and family support pet adoption by spreading the word of local rescue shelters or making a donation to your favorite shelter take a moment each day to feel gratitude about the benefits of pets for people and people for pets bring your favorite dog walker or pet nanny a goodie bag with homemade cookies or another special treat to say how much you appreciate their role in your pet's life learn more about working companion animals and see if you'd like to volunteer...

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Classy summer fabrics for small dogs

I did a little materials shopping over the last few weeks that got me in the mood for some summer style creations.  The Madras on top was intriguing to me because most of the other Madras plaid fabrics I've sewn with have been more pinks & purples in color. This one has a more masculine feel while still being breezy for summer. Pairing it with the light blue gingham fabric would be a fun and tasteful combination. I'd love to use the navy and green gingham with a coral pink and medium tan. Together they make a preppy summer set that reminds me of beachside relaxing. I think it has a Southern twist to it as well — a classy combo that Reese...

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Safely walking your small dog

Spring will be here before you know it! At home in Phoenix, we’re already enjoying our walks with Pipsqueak and Bosco in beautiful weather. Although this time of year always makes our allergies act up: Pipsqueak has episodes of reverse sneezing every year around this time, and I have general seasonal allergies. I learned a trick to gently blow air in the direction of her nose to help calm things down, which is typically effective. If nothing else she loves the one-on-one attention ;) If you’ve been considering getting your small dog (20 lbs or less) a new harness, now’s a great time. The Comfort Vest Harness is custom-made to your dog’s dimensions and requires a few weeks of time...

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Upgrading your Custom Pet Portrait with the digital artwork file

This post is a part of Custom Pet Portrait series, where I share an in-depth look and answer questions. The rest of the posts are linked at the bottom of this page. In this Custom Pet Portraits blog series, I’ve shared some portraits of super cute dogs, answered frequently asked questions about ordering a portrait, and explained how I create them so that they capture the unique personality of each pet. In this post, I want to show some of the other things that you could do with your pet’s portrait if you purchase the digital artwork file as well. Digital artwork files explained First, you may be thinking, “What is this ‘digital artwork file’?” Basically it’s the computer image I...

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Pet Portraits by Oxford Dogma featured on Pet-loving designer turns her hiatus into new business Oxford Dogma featured on 12 News Arizona Midday program Oxford Dogma featured as a Spotlight Vendor on the Jackalope Art and Craft Fair Blog

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