Canvas Pet Toy Bins with classic boat-tote styling

Pipsqueak picking out a toy from the canvas bin

I have a love for tote bags. I'd say especially tote bags made with canvas. And I wanted to translate this affection for a utilitarian, elegantly-simple, classic staple into something for pets and the home.

Being a fan of classic design, classic boat-tote styling is a big inspiration to me, and I incorporated this aesthetic into the canvas pet toy bin design. This foldover bin stores several (smaller-scaled) pet toys right on the floor, so pets can reach in and pull them out. The goal is to provide some flexible, pet-friendly organization in a simple, unobtrusive way.

The contrasting base comes up from the bottom enough to add interest, and the exposed corner flaps stitched in place at the sides have a directness and honesty of form that I strive for.

canvas bin with grey canvas and reclaimed houndstooth wool

I initially made a batch of just three bins, to see what people would think. There was enough interest to encourage me to add another small batch to my maker schedule, and that's what I'm making in the workshop this week.

Each of these new bins is made with sturdy canvas, soft cotton lining, and a fold-down accent made from reclaimed wool. I focus on choosing color groupings that work well in living spaces, as well as those that fit with the Oxford Dogma style.

To take a look at the available bins in my shop, visit the Canvas Pet Toy Bin collection.

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