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I'll have a bunch of new pocket dog toys available for sale at the Method + Madness Pop-up Shop this weekend (October 17-18, 2015) at the Phoenix Convention Center. Attendees of the Method + Madness conference will be able to visit the shops at this event.

The design for the pocket toy is inspired by a couple of things: earthdog trials and keeping dogs actively hunting for food.

Pipsqueak is part Jack Russell Terrier, and that is one of the breeds that likes to hunt little critters. I'm fascinated with the earthdog trials that terriers participate in, where they navigate tunnels and hunt for a rat. Her favorite toy actually looks like a rodent (it's a little javelina stuffed animal), so my new pocket toy is inspired by that -- but it's more mouse than rat.

The unique thing about this dog toy is that it has a pocket attached to it. When we were working with a dog trainer over the summer to learn how to be better pack leaders for Pipsqueak, she mentioned that dogs like to hunt around for food. So I immediately took Pipsqueak's favorite toy and sewed a pocket to it. We put some of her kibble in it and she loves digging around in it for "treats".

I'm really excited to finally have a design for this little guy. I've been working on it for several weeks, and learned quite a bit about softie design. And there are some other variations I may try at some point.

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