Upcoming sewing class: heavy duty tool roll

Rolled up denim tool roll

When I created the list of classes I wanted to teach at TechShop Chandler to help makers get more comfortable in the textiles room (and at the sewing machine), I thought carefully about what would be most useful to that community. I wanted to be sure to include fabrics and stitches that are commonly utilized in a maker space, where there are lots of inventive and problem-solving minds at work (and play!).

Learn to sew a denim tool roll

The denim tool roll stood out in my research as a good item to make because it incorporates several features for skill-development:

  • experience with heavy fabric like canvas and denim (cutting, pressing, choosing thread and needles)
  • experience measuring and cutting fabric (which can get cumbersome, and using fabric rulers isn't always the most intuitive thing)
  • seam finishing (the weave of these two fabrics frays easily and in rather great amounts, so securing the raw edges helps keep the project in good working order)
  • topstitching denim (not as straight-forward as it sounds)
  • sewing long, straight lines (the straps are basically long belt loops with two parallel rows of topstitching)
  • a sturdy "x box" stitch (ultra-durable way to attach two pieces together)

If you know someone who'd like to take this sewing class and make a roll-up case just for their small hand tools, paintbrushes, or knitting needles, more information can be found on the Heavy Duty Tool Roll class registration page.

This workshop will be held on April 6, 2016, at TechShop Chandler in Chandler, AZ.

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