Custom portraits capture the unique personality of your pet

Custom portraits of the Solomon pups Dexter, Harley, and Charlie

Earlier this year I made a few pet portraits as a way to thank some of my biggest Oxford Dogma supporters (and loving pet parents). I’ve always loved to draw, and of course I love pets, so it was a great opportunity to combine the two.

Custom portrait of Fiona the Pomeranian

Of course I had to draw my little buddies, too:

Custom portraits of Bosco the Dachshund and Pipsqueak the Chi Mix

Well, the response was so great — a former client even emailed me to see if I’d make portraits of her two dogs for her husband’s birthday gift — that I decided that I wanted to offer the custom portraits in my shop. And this month it’s happening!

Starting August 26, you'll be able to order your own pet portrait.

Charming custom portraits created with flexibility in mind

Every fur kid has their own unique personality, and a portrait that captures that personality can be used in all kinds of ways:

  • Make a framed art print to decorate your walls or desk, that makes you smile every time you glance at it (this would be great as a part of a gallery wall)
  • Order custom greeting cards to share your special boy or girl with friends and family (who wouldn't love getting one of these in the mail?!)
  • Bring your pet with you even when you can't actually bring them with by featuring your pet on a t-shirt or tote bag (I got a t-shirt printed of my Pipsqueak portrait, and it's so fun to wear)
  • Enjoy your morning coffee in a personalized mug with your pet's cute and charming portrait printed on it ("World's Best Boss" indeed)

And since the artwork is created as a scalable vector digital file, it can be used in many, many more ways.

"That's such a Pipsqueak look"

You know how your dog has this look or pose that just cracks you up? We can capture that in the portrait! Our dog, Pipsqueak, has this intense stare, where it looks like she's reading your thoughts (or bending your mind).

Is there a trademark accessory that your fur baby always has on? We can put it in the portrait. When we adopted our Dachshund, Bosco, I made him a blue and white gingham collar and without it, he's just not Bosco.

The fun part is that people who know your pet will see the portrait and instantly get who it is.

Angie the Corgi with her trademark posture and eye roll

Stay up-to-date

I'll be sharing more details between now and August 26 on Instagram and Facebook if you'd like to follow along. Or you can subscribe to my emails below. And as always, I donate 5% of each sale to a local animal shelter to help pets in need.

Update: Pet Portraits are now available! You can order yours here

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