About me, the designer and maker behind Oxford Dogma

Amy Lamp, designer and maker at Oxford Dogma

Amy Lamp
designer, maker, and pet enthusiast

As a trained graphic designer, I spent sixteen years working my way from print design (web design wasn't a thing when yet at my university), brand development, website design and development, to experience design. My path was a successful one, but by 2014 I was feeling burned out and in serious need of something new. So I stepped off the path and started my career break.

"You've just gotta find something you love to do and then... do it for the rest of your life." Max Fischer

After several months of exploring homesteading, indulging my nostalgic tendencies, digging into nutrition, and baking my heart out -- love baking! -- I rediscovered some of my old hobbies like knitting and sewing. And with the much-appreciated support of my husband, I started to imagine what it would be like to do one of those things for a living.

In early 2015 I began working in earnest on improving my sewing skills, learning pattern design, and getting some serious sewing time in. I created Oxford Dogma as a place to combine many of my passions: pets + learning + design + making. Plus, it's a way for me to support local animal shelters, where there are so many pets in need.

I celebrate the intentional, structured, and methodical. Balance, cute animals, and chocolate + peanut butter make me happy.

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