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Oxford Dogma in the media

Custom Pet Portraits from Oxford Dogma featured on logo

East Valley Tribune Spotlight article

Pet-loving designer turns her hiatus into new business

Jackalope Art & Craft Fair Vendor Spotlight

Oxford Dogma featured in Jackalope Art and Craft Fair Vendor Spotlight

Arizona Midday on 12 News

Oxford Dogma products were featured on 12 News' Arizona Midday program

Notes from happy customers — both canine and human

"We love Dexter's new collar! Thanks @OxfordDogma. :)"

— Joel, and his dog Dexter

"Fiona loves her new @oxforddogma collar. Thanks, Amy!"

— Niki, and her dog Fiona

"Harley loves her new toy — she snuggles with it all the time, and I've been having fun putting food in the pouch for her to find. I feel like it gives her a deeper activity than just chewing on something."

— Larissa, and her dog Harley

"Thank you @oxforddogma for the new toy! The pocket of treats is driving me crazy. If there's ever a time I wish I had opposable thumbs its now..."

— Amy, and her dog Leia

Pet love wall

Making these furry kids happy is what it's all about!

Harley snuggling with Pocket Critter dog toy from Oxford Dogma Leia all worn out after playing with her Pocket Critter dog toy from Oxford DogmaFiona looking stylish in her Tailored Dog Jacket by Oxford Dogma Bogie taking a snooze on his Pocket Critter Dog Toy from Oxford DogmaChristmas fun with a Pocket Critter Dog Toy from Oxford Dogma Cleo looks for the catnip hidden on the Pocket Critter Cat Toy from Oxford DogmaFiona wearing her new Oxford Dogma collar Dexter looking dapper in his new Oxford Dogma collar

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Pet Portraits by Oxford Dogma featured on Pet-loving designer turns her hiatus into new business Oxford Dogma featured on 12 News Arizona Midday program Oxford Dogma featured as a Spotlight Vendor on the Jackalope Art and Craft Fair Blog

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