The Comfort Vest Harness is especially for small dogs to keep them safe and comfortable on the leash |
The Comfort Vest Harness in upcycled corduroy and plaid for a small dog |
With the Comfort Vest Harness for small dogs you clip the leash to the back rather than around the neck  |
The Comfort Vest Harness is custom sized to fit your dog's proportions  |
The front straps of the Comfort Vest Harness curve around the neck so it's more comfortable |
Pull tabs give you something to hold on to when removing the easy-to-use Comfort Vest Harness |
How to measure your dog for a Custom Comfort Vest Harness by Oxford Dogma

Custom Comfort Vest Harness for Small Dogs

$ 60.00

Easily secure your small dog without pain or discomfort

  • Designed for comfort and safety for dogs under 20 lbs
  • Smart and stylish look
  • Easy to use and washable
  • Doesn't slip off your dog
  • Custom made just for your dog so it’s a fit you’re happy with

This vest-style harness with a back clip is designed for comfort and security.

Instead of narrow straps that rub or constrict, this small dog harness is made with wide straps that curve around the front and chest so that it doesn’t dig into the neck or behind the legs. This helps transfer pressure from the throat to the chest if your dog pulls forward on the leash. It also ensures that your dog won’t wiggle out of it, keeping your fur kid close by in your control.

The leash clip is placed at the back near the shoulders, so your dog’s neck isn’t being yanked around when on the leash, which is safer for smaller dogs with delicate necks and windpipes.

And for little dogs that startle easily, the harness is unobtrusive and quiet to wear so it’s not bothersome to them.

The Comfort Vest Harness is easy to use

The hook and loop (i.e. Velcro) style straps make it simple to put on your dog as snuggly as you’d like, so you’re out the door quickly and not fumbling around with slide buckles and test fitting. And because the straps are very secure (that Velcro holds tight!), there are handy pull tabs for removing the harness without accidentally pinching your dog’s side.

Your harness is easy to clean — just drop it in the washing machine and tumble dry.

Smart and stylish design, custom made for your dog

The attractive and stylish design of the Comfort Vest Harness is inspired by classic jackets and trench coats, giving your dog a sophisticated-cute look. It’s made from high-quality, upcycled garments so that your dog has a unique look and you have the good feeling of giving something new purpose.

And best of all, it’s custom made based on your dog’s measurements and favorite colors, so that it fits well and makes you and your pup happy.

Is this the right harness for your dog?

  • This item is specially designed for dogs that are 20 lbs or less.
  • If your dog pulls on walks, this harness won’t train them to stop that behavior.
  • Intended for “city dogs” who go with you around town and out for walks, and need a safe and comfortable alternative to a collar, as opposed to rough and tumble dogs needing a rugged, all-weather solution.

Ordering details

Each Comfort Vest Harness is made to order, based on the information you provide about your dog. Since I use reclaimed materials, it may not be possible to match color and pattern requests exactly. I’ll provide fabric swatches before cutting so that you’ll know what to expect.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery (U.S. only).

Your dog's measurements

Neck: Measure around the low neck, where you'd like the top of the straps to be. The harness is designed to wrap low enough around your dog's chest so that it doesn't pull against the throat like a collar would.

Girth: Measure around your dog an inch or so behind the front legs (often the fullest part of the chest). This is where the belly straps wrap around, so it should be snug without constricting their chest.

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