The plush Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy features a pocket for hiding treats or kibble that your dog has to find |
The cute tail on the back of the Pocket Critter Dog Toy gives your dog a little something to grab |
The Pocket Critter Treat Toy is available in regular size for dogs and extra small for cats and the smallest dog breeds |

Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy in Charcoal Grey and Navy

$ 18.00

Designed for gentler dogs (who don't tear apart toys with zeal), this treat toy helps mentally challenge your dog and builds confidence when the treats hidden in the pocket are discovered and gobbled up. Simply hide a few small treats or kibble in the pocket and wait for your dog to sniff her way over and investigate.

Once the hunt is finished, the soft toy makes a huggable and cuddly nap time buddy. And it fits well in the Canvas Pet Toy Bin, an organizing basket with classic styling that keeps pet toys gathered at pet-height.

This interactive dog toy with a pocket for hiding treats measures 5.5 x 7.5 inches, and is made of navy blue flannel and camel & navy herringbone wool blend. If your dog is like mine, she fixates on chewing the plastic eyes on toys, ripping holes and causing me worry. This toy is free of plastic parts so you don't need to worry about your dog chewing on them or swallowing them.

  • front: dark grey flannel
  • back: reclaimed wool in navy blue herringbone
  • pocket: dark wash denim (double layer for strength)

Do you have a tiny dog or a cat?

For smaller pets, like a Yorkie, Chihuahua, other itty bitty pups, or cats, a smaller Pocket Critter might be a better fit. Check out the Extra Small Treat Toy collection.

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