Tailored Classic Dog Jacket made from a reclaimed sport jacket handcrafted using traditional tailoring techniques | oxforddogma.com
A finely-crafted Tailored Classic Jacket for dapper dogs | oxforddogma.com
The Tailored Classic Dog Jacket is fully lined and features a hand-stitched collar band | oxforddogma.com
The reversible neck tab on the Tailored Classic Dog Jacket is inspired by the throat latch on classic tweed jackets | oxforddogma.com

Tailored Classic Jacket for an Extra Small Dog in Taupe Houndstooth Wool

$ 90.00

Only one available

Size: Extra Small

When the weather cools, keep your little dog warm and protected with this fully-lined, reclaimed wool dog jacket from my Ivy League Classics collection. It's made by hand with care and attention to detail, making the experience of using it with your dog more meaningful. It's made of fabric from a sport jacket to give it a refined, timeless, and subtle design that's not flashy when you're walking around town -- more like something you'd actually want to wear yourself. The classic design and materials mean it just gets better with age, developing a time-worn patina of memories.

This soft and flexible tailored dog jacket is made from light-weight wool taken from a reclaimed sport jacket and has a cotton lining. It's designed to fit comfortably around your dog, with space at the front legs so it's not restrictive and allows a lot of movement.

Inspired by traditional tailoring, I hand stitch the collar band down and sew the buttons on by hand, so they don't fall off like cheap, factory-made clothing. The back, which features a distinctive seam finish that adds durability and personality, has a hidden hole for attaching a leash if you use a harness that hooks at the shoulders.


  • taupe houndstooth check; blue plaid lining; navy blue accents
  • exterior fabric: 100% wool
  • lining fabric: 100% cotton 
  • accent fabric: 100% cotton
  • buttons: mottled navy blue plastic


To fit it to your dog's neck and body, the collar band and belly band can be made longer or shorter using the buttons on the jacket, similar to the way a belt works. The bands are reversible, allowing you to flip them around for more style options.

To see if this jacket will fit, measure around your dog's neck and chest (just behind the front legs). If the neck measures between 7 and 8 inches, and the chest between 12 and 14 inches, it's a good fit. To check the length, measure your dog from neck to tail. This jacket measures 9 inches in length.


You can wash the jacket in a machine on the gentle cycle with cold water, laying it flat to dry. My workmanship is guaranteed, but like all garments this one isn't indestructible so I include a fabric pouch for you to use in the washing machine.

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